Why your business needs Digital Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of every small business, and it’s a facet of your business you need to continuously stay on top of.

As a small business, it is more critical now than ever before to ensure that your marketing strategy evolves with the times so you don’t get left behind. Today’s business landscape is ever evolving and constantly changing and one thing that is certain is that everything and everyone is going digital.

The reality is that if you don’t cater for this new tech savvy audience you are going to fall behind your competitors and lose a lot of potential business.

Many small to medium businesses have avoided going digital due to lack of knownledge, financial resources or understanding of the steps they need to take to truly integrate their online and offline presence.

The internet is here to stay and as more customers choose to buy and research online rather than in traditional brick and mortar stores, your options are very limited. You simply need to have a digital mindset if you want to compete and build a future for your brand.

Digital Marketing is the fuel that drives business growth. The role of digital marketing in today’s era cannot be overlooked. With each passing day, the digital marketing space is experiencing new opportunities. Digital marketing is a powerful platform for any business, whether it is well-established or just a startup.

Here are some of the benefits of Digital Marketing:


Contrary to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is usually a fixed price service offered by an agency. Due to this, it is an extremely profitable technique as you will always pay the same monthly charge no matter how much profit you earn. Digital marketing strategies can be set up that is unique  to your business, no matter your size so that your business goals, budget and ad spend is all taken into account.

Small businesses that have very few resources can easily use digital marketing services like “SEO, link building, social media marketing” to grow their business online.

Digital marketing services are very economical for small business owners when compared to traditional marketing methods that have a low return on investment.

2. Proven Results

A lot of businesses recognized digital marketing as something that they need to invest in order to make the most of their website. You could have a beautiful website, but if your digital marketing is poor or non-existent then no one will even see it! Digital marketing is proven to work, just look at some case studies of small businesses just like yours.

3. Visibility vs Being Visible

Reality is that without a digital marketing campaign to boost your visibility online, the likelihood of your website succeeding over your competitors is very small. Digital marketing done right is the difference between being found online and being invisible to online consumers. Whilst marketing strategies such as email marketing can deliver moderate amounts of traffic, they do not compare to the consistency and unbeatable ROI of digital marketing.

4. Mobile First

Smartphones have taken the world by storm and have changed the scene for business as well as entertainment. You only have to open your eyes to your surroundings to see that mobile phones are becoming more and more popular with consumers.

The number of searches from mobile devices has overtaken the number of searches made from desktop computers, proving that being optimized for mobile devices has never been more important as if your website (or lack of website) is poor, consumers will look elsewhere.

5. Competitors

If your competitors have already adapted to the digital era and rank above you in the Google search results, this is surely further proof that doing nothing isn’t going to help you succeed? Ranking at positions 1-3, the positions with the most visibility and clicks, can be difficult – but not impossible.

6. Trust the numbers

Did you know that a website that ranks in the top 3 positions in Google can get up to 33% of all clicks for that search? The boost in traffic and sales will surely justify the spend for a digital marketing strategy.

7. Business Growth

Small and medium enterprises that use digital marketing have 4 times better chance of expanding their business. According to reports, Digital marketing brings in 10 times more leads than traditional marketing methods, having a huge impact on the revenue generated.

Organizations with digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue generation. The number of leads generated and revenue generation by a business are co-dependent which determine the overall business growth.

So there you have it, and we know that for some business owners, Digital marketing is an easy task, for others, it is tedious.

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