With a tailored approach to every client, we offer specialist tax advice for businesses of all sizes and at all stages of their growth journey. Our primary aim is to use our expertise to help our clients navigate the increasingly complex tax regulatory landscape. Through clear and informed guidance, we will guide you through all your foreign and estate tax requirements.

Within our fully integrated tax services, our tax efficient solutions achieve strategic objectives for private and corporate clients. These solutions allow our clients to efficiently and effectively manage their tax affairs. With assured legal confidentiality, we will provide you with ongoing support for all types of complex tax matters.

Our additional foreign and estate tax services include:

  • Tax details updates with SARS
  • Tax clearance certificate application and retrieval
  • Tax advisory
  • Tax advice (personal / income)
  • Residency certificate
  • Estate details updates with SARS
  • Post death tax certificate
  • Estate tax return submissions
  • Estate duty
  • Deceased estates tax advice and structuring
  • Emigration tax advice and structuring
  • Foreign investment tax clearance certificate

Estate tax

We are estate duty experts and work hand in hand with executors on both pre and post death tax return registrations and submissions, as well as bank updates. On deceased estates, we act as your power of attorney to help keep you updated on changes in income tax legislation and ensure all updated estate details are shared with SARS in the correct formats. Leave the complex calculations up to us as we advise you on how best to structure your deceased estate tax affairs for better tax outcomes.

Foreign tax

Financial emigration is another of our key offerings. It can be a very complex and time consuming process. Our goal is to ensure tax compliance while assisting our clients who wish to leave or have already moved abroad. The laws promulgated for the 2020 tax year has made many expatriate South Africans look for compliant ways to remove their tax residency in the country. The process of financial emigration terminates your tax residency in SARS and is duly evidenced by an ‘emigration tax clearance certificate’. It is vital to note that while financial emigration is a process that will change your tax status from “resident” to “non-resident” to exchange control purposes, it will not affect your South African citizenship status.

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